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Namaste Facials

Namaste has comprehensive knowledge of skin analysis. Our consultants have undergone extensive training to ensure you are provided with the best choice of facial for your needs. Call today to book a FREE skin analysis appointment.

VI VIER is a medical Pharmacuetical company. Which specialises in Vit C, Retinols and Treatments serums.

Vivier Peel  Three Types of Vi Vivier Facial - 

Vi Vier Acne Facial 

Refresh and renew with the VivierSkin Peel! Going beyond "resurfacing" this peel is designed to communicate with your cells - once penetrated, it sends messages (via peptides) to strengthen and rebuild the cellular structure of your skin. The Esthetician cleanses the clients skin then examinates the condition of the skin and continues with a peel, clease and hydreatiing the skin.
                               Duration of Facial 60 Minutes  $ 125.00                  


Teen Supreme $95

Ideal facial for the new TEEN facial client. We educate and develop a skin care plan. We cleanse, lotion, exfoliate, steam and do needed extractions. A custom mask is applied.This is a great intro for a Teen seeking to get involved in the care of their skin.If manual extractions are needed, you will need to go to the "ADD-ON" area and add-on manual extraction time.
                                          (Duration of Facial 60 minutes)

Namastes' SIGNATURE Radiance Facial  $115

This is Namaste's "European" facial. The Esthetician does a cleanse, lotion (incorporating product to match your skin type), exfoliation, steam, hand massage while steaming, high frequency after extractions to reduce redness and preforms a wonderful facial/shoulder massage (10-15min) that is a absolutely stress releaving and we finish with a custom mask. A skin care plan is also provided.
                                                      (Duration 75 minutes)



Algo Facial (By G.M.Collin)  $ 125.00

Soothing, Hydrating and Instant Radiance
An enriched thermal-corrective treatment that provides instant radiance by hydrating,soothing and brightening the skin while minimizing redness.This facial is great for all types of conditions but is excellent for minor breakouts ,irritations or clients suffering from dry skin .
MASSAGE : $ 30.00 for facials that do not include massage and if a client was a certain mask and treatment but wants an anti aging massage whcih lasts 20 minutes whcih is preformed on the clients face, neck and chest. The Esthetican starts with heating the essential serums then beginning on the clients breathing then once relaxed the esthetician starts at the chest spreading the oild pretaining ro a skin condition , and massages all important muscles in the areas to stimulate blood flow to the areas aiding to tighten and give skin a more youthful look. 
This is when the esthetician needs to extract areas the are conjested and need extraxtions tools to remove the congestion from the area.
                                         (Duration of Facial is 80 Minutes)


 Thermal-Plastic Mask    $ 99.00

 A warming corrective treatment that increases the absorption of products and promotes better  skin oxygeneration. Provides an excellant treatment for face,eye,and lip contours,as well as  dry,chapped hands and feets. Excellent for purifying and restoring the healthy glow of  asphyxiated skin.
 (Eye Treatment Duration is 35 minutes) 
                                          (Facial Duration is 60 minutes)


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